JOLLY: Forty Six Minutes Twelve Seconds of Music: CD

Nov 22, 2009

In case the overly precious and ridiculously pretentious title wasn’t enough to tip you off, this music takes itself very seriously. There are very few styles of music that I have absolutely no patience for, the top style being prog rock or progressive music in any sense. This disc is P-R-O-G to the hilt. Therefore, it is like kryptonite to my ears. Progressive music is the embodiment of everything I dislike about music. Gimme simple and stoopid any day. The band’s record label has the following to say: “Embedded throughout the album are various forms of brain wave stimulation known as Binaural Tones. These tones are scientifically proven to enrich feelings of happiness, focus, creativity, and relaxation through inaudible changes in audio frequencies.” Bleeeaaaccchhh.

 –frame (Galileo/ProgRock)

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