JOINT D≠: Strike Gently: LP

Formerly Joint Damage and sued by Joint Damage™ (the insert includes a copy of the cease-and-desist. Nice touch.), it’s speared by Nick of Logic Problem and Brain F≠ (pronounced “flannel”: that ≠ sign comes in handy). Brain F≠ is a nice vista to look at Joint D≠. Two steps back and it sounds like a belt sander, which works as an effective exfoliant for prying parents and thin-skinned rock rap hip hoppers who played the Dunkin’ Donuts Stadium in Rhode Island. But up close, the DNA’s tightly wound double helixes of melodies and a virtual who’s who of start-naming-your-favorite-Japanese-and-Scandi-hardcore bands. And when I start having discussions with myself of, “Who put Stalin into my Gauze? Who Terveet Kädet’d my Hjertestop?” Out of North Carolina? Of course it makes sense that Daniel of Sorry State had his hand putting this out. Of course it’s pitch perfect world-is-local, local-is-world hardcore hardcore (hardcore without foot-long goatees, basketball jerseys, or a silly dude who goes by “Ballz” in the band). “Defect Defect doppelgangers?” I ask myself. Who cares? It rules and sure as fuck isn’t the clowns in Joint Damage™. Chalk this up as Nikola Tesla approved. It’s got magnetic flux density through the roof.

 –todd (Sorry State)