Sep 18, 2013

The music you’ll hear on Wires is instrumental post-rock or math rock, but if you feel like that’s a bled-dry, genre you just might be pleasantly surprised by The Joint Chiefs. They free the post-rock sound from its boring constraints by throwing all sorts of things into the mix. Be it electronics or a scattered horn through a song, or a jazzy bit here and there, they create a sound that’s always changing, never falling into the trappings of look-how-tight-we-are wankery or the soundscapey doldrums of what boring people fuck to. It’s intelligent music that’s also exciting and engrossing. The drummer is fucking insane sick; the only constant thing you can rely on while listening to Wires is his crazy-ass beats. It’s the perfect kind of music for writing or something equally cerebral. It changes things up enough to be mentally stimulating if you want more than background music but don’t want to be continually jarred out of your thoughts. If you’re into stuff like Explosions In The Sky but think they’re a one trick pony or you like Touch And Go, Don Caballero-type math rock, but wish they kept it more exciting you’ll probably like this. Even if you have the most passing taste for instrumental post-rock, but don’t care to dig through all the bird- and nautical-named redundancy, do yourself a favor and check out The Joint Chiefs Of Math.

 –Craven Rock (Ranch,