JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN: Trans Am Summer Blues: LP

Jul 26, 2013

I think comparing John Wesley Coleman’s two newest releases (at least I think they’re the newest. The man is prolific in a Billy Childish kinda way) is the best way to see what makes the artist inside the man tick. Trans Am Summer Blues is a full band, mania-tinged party record. The album feels like a fairly fleshed-out collection of songs (much like his two Goner albums.) The 7” is the flip side of that (well, the proper flip side of mania is depression, and this isn’t it… let’s say for lack of better words). Two no-fi recordings, one in someone’s kitchen, the other in someone’s studio. The 7” feels more instant, like Coleman had a good tune or two rolling around inside his afro-noggin’ and had to put something on tape. An eventual box set collection of his work should be called The Many Moods of John Wesley Coleman. (



 –Sal Lucci (Tic Tac Totally / Spacecase)