Trash poet and Timmy Vulgar tag-team partner John Wesley Coleman is back with a new LP, The Love That You Own. It’s no secret that I’m a JWC fan. His debut record, Steal My Mind, still ranks as one of my favorite LPs of recent years, and his two Goner albums were both excellent. The Love That You Ownis more of the Wes you hopefully know and love: weird and stylistically varied (a little punk, a little country—all rock ‘n’ roll). Although firmly established, his newish band is solid. Geena Spigarelli can really hold down the low end and sax man Mark Tonucci gives Wes a chance to play Bryan Ferry on the album. While I’m not one to praise added instrumentation for the sake of inclusion, there’s some old analog synth on this record—y’know, the kind with patch cables that only universities and affluent West Germans could afford back in the early ‘70s—that really makes one of these tracks click (“Love Drinks”). (If I recall correctly, Wes told me that was producer Louie Lino on the synth.)The Love That You Own is slightly more hi-fi than most of JWC’s previous records, and that’s certainly not a bad thing. Overall, it’s an outstanding effort. 

 –ryan (Burger,