Nov 15, 2011

An Italian release that acts like 7”EPs on a split LP. John Wesley Coleman III’s EP Personality Pancake: It’s melodic and it’s freaking out. Around the corners and in its heartbeat, I hear Hasil Adkins and Bob Log III. A full-band one-man-band? Appreciated outsiders with insuppressible “yips” and “yops!” all laid down on a shaky bed of howling, hollow bodies, throbbing embers, and a roiling ocean of reverb. Somehow relaxing and high pressured at the same time. Followed By Static’s Bacon Bear: Sitting on its haunches, ready to strike with cobra strikes of reverb and skronking trumpet. They do a nice job of sounding both languid and paranoid. It’s a funny coincidence that one guy in this band’s first name is Jeffery and another guy’s is Pierce, because the band sounds like the ghosts of Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s Gun Club hangs in their closet next to their collared shirts. They sweat that same sorta sweat. Both bands. Nice.

 –todd (Way Out There, [email protected],

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