JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN: “I Feel Like a Sad Clown” b/w “I Found a Home”: 7” and”Radio” b/w “Aliens”: 7”

I don’t know how close these two records were released, but I got them at the same time, so they flow together in my mind, and probably always will. The moods of John Wesley Coleman are many, and on these records he seems to feel a bit out there. “I Feel like a Sad Clown” is probably closest to his fleshed-out, full-band Goner records, and excites me most because of the lines about “clown shoes.” Ten years or so ago, some friends and I used the phrase “clown shoes” to describe anything super silly or ridiculous. I thought one of us came up with the phrase, then I overheard a complete stranger use it, in a different state even! So, Mr. Coleman, whatchoo talkin’ bout? The Spacecase 7” (their second JWC release) is dayglo orange, and has a more solo, home-fi feel, although it is recorded with a full band. “Aliens” gives me Roky Erickson vibes. If you like JWC, you probably already own this. Or maybe you gave up because he’s über-prolific and you’re overwhelmed. Don’t miss out on this, I says. 

 –Sal Lucci (Spacecase, / Windian)