JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN: Bad Lady Goes to Jail: CD

My first introduction to John Wesley Coleman was a very pleasant one. Masters level course in rock and roll on this here CD. John Wesley Coleman, like Ty Segall, seems to have a tremendously deep understanding and appreciation for the garage and psychedelic genres, particularly. No superficial posturing to be found, only finely skilled guitar work, reverb-filled lo-fi recordings, and incredibly catchy choruses. “Lazy Baby” with its honky-tonking drums, swelling organs and simple, longing refrain of “Come on lazy baby, don’t you wanna dance with me?” should get you singing along and shuffling your feet in a hurry. “Get High Babe” echoes the late ‘60s MC5 freak outs with its wobbling bass, jamming percussion, and screeching vocals. “Go Baby Go” mellows out with a Roy Orbison inspired vocal melody. “Come on Cops” is reminiscent of Meat Puppets, acid-fried punk with lots of twangy, Southwestern flavor. The closer, “New York,” is leather jacket, brass knuckle tough with a swagger akin to “Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World.” All told, there’s a lot to like about this here record. This will be on heavy rotation for a while.

 –Jeff Proctor (Goner)