JOHN SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION, THE: Jukebox Explosion Rockin’ Mid-90s Punker!: CD

Mar 17, 2008

This here disc is full of the type of wild, caterwauling, honking, punk blues that makes one want to trash an apartment in a grand fit of irresponsible hysteria while drinking whiskey straight from the bottle. John Spencer seems to be a polarizing figure in his present-day incarnation of countrified entertainer (I happen to dig Heavy Trash), but this collection of early singles that originally came out as part of In The Red Records’ Jukebox Series and other various limited release singles provides incontrovertible proof of the JSBE’s ability to defile you with greasy, dirty, lecherous rock’n’roll. “Shirt Jac” jumps through the speakers, grabs you by the collar (of your shirt, Jack!), and shakes the piss outta ya, with a devastating cover of the Chain Gang’s “Son of Sam” hot on its heels. The CD rolls along like a runaway locomotive through “Push Some Air,” “Do Ya Wanna Get It,” and the absolute primitive ferocity of “Dig My Shit.” The Back from the Grave-inspired cover art is priceless, with the Blues Explosion rising as the undead to shovel dirt into the grave of Tori Amos, the Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins , Pearl Jam, and Oasis. This shit is what rock’n’roll is all about.

 –benke (In The Red)