JOHN SPARROW, THE: self-titled: CDEP

Feb 18, 2009

These guys in The John Sparrow have got to have some ‘Mats, Big Drill Car, All Systems Go!, or Scrimmage Heroes lying around their stereos. Don’t get the wrong idea, it’s somewhat leaning in that direction, but the rwb (rock w/ balls) fails to come through on this here CD. Pretty decent recording, but I like to get my feet lifted off the ground when something’s trying to kick my ass through the speakers. I’ll be interested hearing a follow-up to this CDEP. And a free drink to the band member wearing the chimp mask on the inner sleeve (I’ll show you later, Tony). That’s just great. Why is it great? Because I said it’s fucking funny, that’s why.

 –dale (Johanns Face)

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