John Kerry Won: So Why Did He Give Up So Readily?

Nov 10, 2004

In September, Greg Palast told Razorcake readers how the Republicans stole the 2000 election. As Palast's latest report shows, they're doing it again.

But that’s not all. Most of the corporate media has done a great job of sweeping the election under the rug, saying, “It’s over. It worked well. There’s nothing more to see here.” It couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m all for timely election results, but many things don’t sit well with me, especially Kerry’s giving in so quickly when Bush doesn’t officially get a second term until the electors from the Electoral College go to Washington D.C on December 12th.

If you’re looking for dissenting views, here are some timely links that will hopefully help start a critical thinking process about Nov. 2nd’s election and what it’ll mean in the next four years and beyond.

Remember, you are not alone. All is not lost. It just may feel like it at times. Arm yourself with as much information as possible.

Thanks to Chris Pepus and Sara Isett for help with the links. – A no nonsense website that covers all sorts of political material. Click here to read about all of the players in Ohio’s dodgy voting processes. A national, non-profit, media reform organization. Great columns and insight into the election process. Click here for the article: Did Kerry Concede Too Soon? by Bob Fitrakis – Aimed towards the youth vote and punk rockers, they do a great job of updating their site with very applicable information. - Inform that bad feeling in the pit of your stomach. Learn who’s now in Bush’s cabinet. – The League of Pissed Off voters is calling for public hearings in Ohio for the voter fraud, endorsed by Ohio State Senators Teresa Fedor and Ray Miller. – Dedicated to stories that the mainstream won’t run. There’s a lot of very unpretty stuff happening in the world today. They also post graphic pictures of was. Click here for their in-dept analysis of the nation’s voting systems and its systematic breakdown. – Remember that part about “by the people, for the people”? Citizens for Legitimate Government doesn’t. Tons of articles specifying voter fraud, machine breakdowns, and other decidedly undemocratic stuff unveiled.