John Hillerman: Dat Woret: DVD

Jan 21, 2013

German party punks John Hillerman (named after the guy who played Higgins on the ‘80s TV classic Magnum P.I.) deliver a well-packaged DVD/CD combo with an extensive booklet. Digging in, I found this to be rather hard to digest, as my fluency in German is nil. From what I could gather, the band seems to have been active in the late ‘90s. The DVD contains the CD tracks, an interview, and a live show from Berlin that is literally half-filled with the band just standing around, drinking beer, and chatting in a room smaller than the bathroom at Razorcake HQ. The interview is all in German so I really couldn’t follow along at all, which was a bummer. From what I can tell though, the band didn’t take itself too seriously and seemed to have had a fun time, which is really all you can ask for from a band like this. As it stands, this DVD is really hard to recommend to anyone other than a punk with a serious Teutonic fascination. –Garrett Barnwell (John Hillerman, [email protected])