JOHN BROWN: Split: 7"

Aug 13, 2009

John Brown’s Army are from Albany, New York. I picture a male-dominated crowd supporting this band with no hair or males shaving their hair because they are balding. I see football and basketball jerseys that have been adorned on those east coast punk rock icons. I see the women of the crowd in fear to enter the domain of the pit due to the high testosterone level. That is the picture that I draw. I don’t want to give the impression that they are a skinhead band because that is not the type of music that they play. The music is tough as nails and gives off the tough guy appearance. Intense east coast hardcore that pulls back no punches. Reagan SS: Happy faces at the Razorcake HQ. Matt Average (contributor extraordinaire, publisher of EngineFanzine and father to the Razorcake icon Henry) has a new endeavor and new outlet for his rage. He is the vocalist for this thrash unit. I also know Danny the guitarist and met Apeface, the bass player, because I jammed with him a couple of times. So I have a few nuggets of knowledge of this band. Seven straight-up thrash numbers that expresses Matt’s perspective of life. Saw them live recently and they are even more powerful live than what was captured here. Collectors alert: Half yellow, half black vinyl.

 –don (Gloom)