JOEY MOLINARO: The Inalienable Dreamless and We: LP

Sep 23, 2011

This instrumental debut album melds grindcore and math rock with the violin. Joey, a former public school orchestra teacher, utilizes the higher notes of his violin and foot percussion to create an anxious soundtrack that belongs in a Darren Aronofsky flick. This is the violin as you’ve never heard it before: disorienting, nefarious discord paired with thrashy guitar riffs. If that doesn’t pique your interest, this is only a fraction of the Molinaro experience. During live performances, Joey uses visual projections of handwritten thoughts and/or performance art to add a backdrop to his music. That said, just listening to the record is like getting only half of the story. I recommend checking out Joey’s website where he has clips of his performances to fully appreciate his work.

 –Kristen K (Inverted Music Company)