Jul 02, 2009

I put this CD in my laptop and my first impression was of intricate, mostly folky acoustic guitar with slight Latin jazz elements and throaty, melodically droning vocals. I’m listening to this and thinking, “It’s nice, but how the heck did this get to Razorcake?” Then I look up JoeyCape on Wikipedia. Then I have a good, hearty laugh at myself. If you’re a Lagwagon fan but have never heard singer Cape’s solo work, this is definitely not what you might expect. Cape’s songs are delicate and earthy, mostly downtempo, but occasionally picking up the beat. “Canoe” almost sounds like Simon & Garfunkel (using vocal clips of his toddler was maybe a bit too cheesy for me). This is one of those albums you can really enjoy and still put on when your mom comes over. Favorite track has to be “The Ramones Are Dead.”

 –Sarah Shay (Suburban Home)