Sep 21, 2007

On the Sudden Death website, Joe Shithead writes that he’s surprised to be running his own record label. That is certainly a cool accomplishment, but pales compared to the fact that nearly thirty years after coming on the scene with D.O.A., the guy still goes by Shithead. Cooler still, he received funding for this record not just from the Canadian government but from the Canadian Heritage fund. Joe Shithead is officially recognized as, and financially supported as, part of Canada’s heritage, and he did so punk moniker in check (the sole alteration over the years being “Joey” to “Joe”). That’s power. Band of Rebels is as feisty as its captain but not as impressive. It boasts a wide range of styles—rock, ska, and punk—and it doesn’t shy away from the issues. I can’t imagine a Beltway bureaucrat writing checks for songs such as “Wake Me Up for the Revolution” or “Bust Me Loose” and its “Legalize It” sentiments. Historically significant and worthy of admiration but probably not that appealing outside the ranks of the D.O.A. completists. Mike Faloon

 –guest (Sudden Death)