JOE LALLY: Why Should I Get Used to It: CD

Jul 14, 2011

Third solo album from Joe Lally. I thought Fugazi were a great band and the thing that made them stand out for me was Joe Lally’s style of playing (coupled with Brendan Canty’s drums). Clean, yet driving, and grooves that very few can attain in a convincing way. This album sounds very much like a Fugazi record, which makes me wonder if he was their primary songwriter. Every song on here is sterling: catchy, driving, great vocals, clean execution, and memorable for days. I find that the title track and “Revealed in Fever” have become sort of personal anthems. “Let It Burn” switches gears, with a more experimental side. There’s more of a minimal feel in how the percussion and bass work around one another. Easily one of my favorite albums this year.

 –M.Avrg (Dischord,