JOE JACK TALCUM: Home Recordings 1984-’97: CD

Sep 08, 2006

The strangest thing about getting this in the mail is that I’d been listening to The Dead Milkmen’s Big Lizard in My Backyard almost nonstop for four days after not even looking at it for years. (I’d only listened to the CD once since I bought it years after never getting my commercial cassette back from a friend in high school. Attn Joey Costa, I still remember…) Joe Jack Talcum was the singer and guitar player for The Dead Milkmen, who were probably my first favorite punk band when I was in the fifth grade (and have maintained a pretty special place in my heart since). These recordings stray pretty far from what was done with The Dead Milkmen (with the possible exception of some of the tracks recorded between ’84 and ’87). I can see a lot of fans not really getting into this, but it suits me just fine. A lot mellower (as it is just him, mostly with an acoustic guitar) than I’d expected, but it’s turned into some nice down-time reading music for me. It was nice to see another side to it all.

 –megan (Valient Death)