JOAN OF ARC: How Can Any Thing So Little Be Any More: CDEP

Indeed, I am currently feverishly scratchin’ my head in a semi-soused state of perplexed bewilderment… this is a loosely disjointed soundscape of 21st-century Syd Barrett-type mind distortions… freaky, fragmented, and beyond fucked-up. Joan Of Arc uniquely create electronic emissions of warped weirdness, feedback-laden wild wonderment, and acoustic sugar-soft swaths of sound that can’t be specifically categorized, so I won’t even attempt such a maddening endeavor… I’ll just call it an audial diatribe of the crazed and demented, a sonic holocaust in varying degrees of infinite insanity. I dunno… now I just wanna dribble beer down my chin and stuporishly stare out the window at the wildly swaying leaf-heavy trees. Damn, who hung the sky upside-down?!

 –guest (Jade Tree)