Jul 07, 2006

I believe this would have been better suited as a demo tape. But who am I to say what a band does. Three songs from a new band out of Boston featuring current members from the Dropkick Murphy’s, Tommy & The Terrors, and The Tampoffs. The singer, Jo, I read did backup vocals on the latest Dropkick Murphy’s release. If you are expecting any of those bands, you might be disappointed. First off, the vocals of Jo sound like she is dumbing down her vocals to sound more punk. Like she is singing in the wrong genre. The recording was not that desirable to these ears. The mix is weird as the vocals are a little too up front and dry. The guitar is played clean and comes off sounding twangy. The bass sounds the same, like it was recorded on a boombox. The drums sound flat and I imagine them being the kind of drums you get for a kid’s first set. More garage rock sounding than punk. If that is your thing, hit them up.

 –don (Email them at [email protected] for a free copy)

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