J.J. & THE REAL JERKS: In the Alleyway: CD

May 20, 2014

Here we have yet another fantastic EP from this great L.A. rock’n’roll band. The first tune, “Out of My Means,” has a real Los Primos/Andy G And The Roller Kings vibe with the sax prominent in the sound. “Damaged Goods” brings back the sax for a more Michael Monroe vibe, which works incredibly well. This band is just an amalgam of all my favorite music and it is no surprise that I have loved everything they have released so far. I really need to get out to L.A. and see them sometime, preferably with the Blessings or Pat Todd or Simon Stokes. This five-song EP is a must-buy for any fan of The Devil Dogs, Humpers, or good old fashioned punk rock’n’roll. 

 –frame (KPCP, jjandtherealjerks.blogspot.com)