JJ NOBODY AND THE REGULARS: Rock'n'Roll Doesn't End at 2:00: CD

Jul 05, 2001

This is an ear-splittin' sonic assault of high-octane heavy-thunder barroom-brawlin' rock'n'roll rowdiness ala the Supersuckers... unsavory, unpolished, and barbarically unrelenting! JJ Nobody seems to have temporarily packed the Ramonesy punkrock ferocity of The Nobodys into a tattered'n'torn duffle bag and stuffed it in a musty ol' linen closet somewhere, because these here riproarin', whiskey-saturated songs are a cowpokey cacophony of rootin'-tootin' wild-card rock at its most bawdy, bad-ass, and brash... it's 18-wheelin' trucker punk for the red-eyed, road-weary, barstool-squattin', crank-crazed cowboys of the long lone open highway... it's amped-to-the-max, meth-laced, white-trash rock'n'roll robustness... boisterous, rowdy, and belligerently pure! Such lewd and lively lyrical choruses as "I'm a goddamn son of a bitch!" and "Let's get drunk and fuck tonight!" frenetically add more fuel to the ear-scorchin' audial flames contained herein. Yeh buddy, this is the end-all be-all last call... the zestiest, most intoxicatin' musical thirst-quencher of 'em all... a sonically satiating full-throttle rock'n'roll experience!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Hopeless, PO Box 7495, Van Nuys, CA 91409)