JIYUNA: The Devil Is Waiting for Us in the Palace—Rush Courageously: CD

Mar 06, 2007

Boy, the packaging on this is beautiful: screenprinted on chipboard and hand-cut in the shape of a cityscape, folded in thirds with a little button for the CD to sit on, and with a tiny twenty-page lyric book inserted. However, due to the fact that the actual music on the CD is weak screamy me-core, I do believe I will cause the CD to not be at my house and instead install another one on its top-flight little button. I just hope I don’t forget what I did and start recommending Jiyuna to my friends in a couple years, or—heavens!—accidentally go see them myself. Ah fuck, a couple more years at this pace and I won’t even like music anymore.

 –doug (ifb)