JIMBO EASTER: Self-titled: 7"

Apr 28, 2016

I’m all about oddball, bedroom recordings, people fucking off making stuff just for the hell of it, and kooks who really don’t give a damn whether you listen or not. Y’all can send it this way. I like to think of my stereo as safe harbor for outsider music that the squares can’t appreciate. I’m charmed by Easter’s absurdist sense of humor. For instance, his bread advice: “Make bread / slide bread beneath the bed / fold it / grow it / throw it.” You’ll get lots of this sort of nonsense over sharp and squiggly sax bursts, organ noodling, tweaked, cartoonish backup vocals, and 4-track fuzz. My only criticism is you can’t really be that far out there when you’re aping Captain Beefheart this hard. Nonetheless, Mr. Easter is clearly having fun and that’s why it’s been on rotation on my turntable.

 –Craven Rock (jimboeaster.weebly.com)

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