Oct 29, 2001

This mind-swirler of a disc is a hallucinatory audial freak-out from beginning to end and all of its stoned immaculate points in between. It’s a multi-colored musical mishmash of trippy space-rock strangeness orbiting through galactic psychedelic otherworldliness while ultimately being dipped into a big ol’ boiling vat of psychotic acid-drenched sonic dementia... almost as if Hawkwind, MC5, The Amboy Dukes, “Are You Experienced?”-era Jimi Hendrix, and the Butthole Surfers were musically battling it out with distortion-heavy laser beams and blaring raygun guitars on one of the moons of Jupiter during a violently roaring sandstorm. I ain’t no fuckin’ hippie, but, son, I highly recommend that you indulge your ears with these fragrant floral sounds ASAP. So fire-up a coyote-turd sized joint and then listen to the rainbows scream as the sky melts in an explosive array of tye-dyed hues and glittery day-glo wax drippings...

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Slutfish)