JFA: Speed of Sound: CD

May 13, 2011

This came out last year some time but I just got around to getting it and I didn’t see a review of it up on the Razorcake site. Skate rock legends JFA crank out their first studio record since 1999’s Only Live Once. If you’re familiar with JFA, then you know the deal: rough and tumble punk rock dedicated to a life of skating, surfing, and being the life of the party. Singer Brian Brannon’s voice is like the hanger of an Indy 215 barking on pool coping—a sound that many would find grating, but to those in the know, it’s best thing ever. Never a band to settle into a pigeon hole of “hardcore punk,” there are even a couple of groovy jams with an electric piano. This should be the soundtrack to your next bowl session.

 –ty (DC-Jam, dcjamrecords.com)

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