JETTY BOYS / BOYS CLUB: Jetty Boys Club: 7”

Sep 05, 2012

I do judge a record by its cover quite often, and a two-fold, screened cover (done by Andy Binder) ranks pretty highly with me. Jetty Boys: I’m just beginning to separate them in my head from the Leg Hounds, which isn’t really fair to them. I adored the Leg Hounds, so it’s a pretty big shadow I’ve left them standing in. They’ve held their ground, have consistently been putting out some of the best pop punk out there currently, and have every reason to be valued on their own laurels. The songs here are no exception. Catchy as hell. Boys Club: Good ol’ pop here (no power or punk attached). It’s done well, really well, actually, but it’s one of sounds that no matter how much I like listening to it, I’m certain I’d be bored to tears seeing it live. But, as recorded, I was really pleasantly surprised by this (plus, I love, love, love Warren Zevon covers).

 –megan (I Hate Punk Rock,

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