JET BOYS: Teenage Thunder Revisited: LP

May 26, 2008

Like the frenzy of a good, old-fashioned Japanese whale slaughter comes the rip roaring sonic pandemonium of the Jet Boys. It’s got the glam swagger of the Joneses, the cocky looseness of the Heartbreakers, and the intense ferocity of the Carbonas, all delivered like a snot rocket from the nose of Johnny Rotten. My recommendation is to start with side two, as the first four songs on it are absolute punk monsters. But, be warned—the needle of the record player may well solder itself to the wax due to the resulting eruption of rock’n’roll magma. “Kick out the Poster” should be the National Anthem of the underground, and “Power Kids” the state song. I haven’t got any info about whether these guys are a living, breathing band, or if Teenage Thunder Revisited is a reissue. It doesn’t matter much, as this is one of the best ‘77-inspired slabs to come down the pipe in years. And if you don’t like it? “I don’t care/Kiss my ass!” 

 –benke (Demolition Derby)

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