Jesus Lizard Book, The: By The Jesus Lizard, 176 pgs. By Jimmy

Nov 24, 2014

As if being one of punk’s greatest live acts and releasing some of the best, and most challenging, music to come out of that scene weren’t enough, the Jesus Lizard now fancy themselves authors. Dipping into their archives, and their noggins, they’ve culled together a tome that immediately takes its rightful place as their fans’ mother lode of info. Laid out more or less chronologically, the book tells the band’s tale, from inception to their 2009 reunion, and buries that thread under a mountain of photos, flyer/poster reproductions, reminiscences from fans and fellow scenesters (usually one and the same), personal recollections, an interview with producer (and Gang Of Four guitarist) Andy Gill, and copious notes about each album courtesy of bassist David Wm. Sims. Given its authors, the book is much like the band—both anarchic and deceptively structured, awash in color, often very funny and a helluva ride. Know a cat who thinks the Jesus Lizard are the bee’s knees? Here’s your next Christmas/birthday/Arbor Day present for ‘em. –Jimmy Alvarado (Akashic Books, PO Box 1456, NY, NY 10009)