JERRY SPIDER GANG: Exile on Mainstream: CD

Apr 02, 2009

Like every other punk rock aficionado stuck to this planet in the year 2004, I’m up to the cut of my jib with Hellacopters-styled poonk rawk bands, what with all their sideburns and greasy t-shirts and their Lemmy Kilmister school-boy crushes. Not to mention their unabashed arena rock bravado that seems, from at least one angle, to fly stupidly straight into the face of conventional punk rock decorum. And let’s be honest: we’ve paid dearly for what probably began as a nordically honest fusion of some of the best aspects of metal and punk. Vapid party-line-toting bands like Gluecifer and the Retardos now seem like mere mediocrities compared to MTV darlings now arriving on the scene, such as Jet and the Strokes. But despite all this baggage I’m carrying around with me regarding these Hella-copy cats, Jerry Spider Gang somehow manages to not invoke my utter contempt. Sure, they’re at least six or seven years late, but what the fuck? They don’t sound like they’re faking it and, though they sometimes come perilously close, they don’t strangle each song to death with never-ending xmas light strings of wah-pedal guitar solos. Plus, it’s pretty catchy. I’ll probably be sick of it by next week, but for now I think it’s pretty good.

 –aphid (Lollipop)