JERK STORE #9: 5 ½” x 8”, 32 pgs, $?

Cool half-sized zine from Australia that reminds me a bit of the zine you are holding in your hands at this very moment. Coverage is more on the tuneful and poppy spectrum of punk rock. Interviews are with Too Many Daves, Autistic Youth, Joyce Manor, Not Shy Of The DIY Records, And the Hung Ups. There’s a great quote in the Too Many Daves interview pertaining to a segment of Dead Kennedys and Bad Religion fans. My favorite piece in this issue was the article on the Embrace (post Minor Threat, pre-Fugazi) LP. That’s one of my favorite LPs, and I can remember listening to the demos in high school that would eventually become the album. I had the lyrics memorized within a week! Glad to see there are other people who love this record! As for layouts, this is pretty clean and legible. Photo reproduction is pretty nice as well. ‘Mericans can order this from It’s Alive Records, or you could show your international punk rock solidarity and get in touch direct with editor Alex. –M.Avrg (PO Box 284, Maylands, WA 6931, Australia, [email protected])