JERK STORE #13: $?, 5 ½” x 8 ¼”, copied, 32 pgs.

Jun 13, 2014

Super tough-looking new issue of Jerk Store.All the text was typed on a typewriter and scanned in. Alex states he did this so he wouldn’t spend endless hours re-writing stuff. It also looks really punk. For those who haven’t checked it out, Jerk Store is an Australian zine that isn’t specific to one subgenre. This issue features an interview with Finnish anarcho-punk band 1981, an Australian tour diary written by the drummer of Daylight Robbery, some gritty writing by Traffic Street head honcho Sam, and a dozen or so record reviews. Compared to previous issues, this issue has an almost Revolution Summer feel to it, or maybe the cover just reminds me of old Dischord ads. Either way, you can always depend on Jerk Store to follow through. Both in its approach to music, and its attention to detail. Do you like CBDS andThe Partisans? If so, this zine is waiting for you. –Daryl (PO Box 284, Maylands, WA 6931, Australia)