JELLYROLL ROCKHEADS, THE: Intense and Mild: 7"

Aug 08, 2009

Manic. These Japanese punks bar no holds and thrash for a good time. Songs flash by in less than a minute. Eleven songs are squeezed onto one tiny platter of fun. The lyrics are sung in English, the translation comes off skewed, but the themes are clear: smoke pot, get drunk, and rock out! They seem silly but the aggression is there; screamed vocals backed by wild abandon. They made their way into Cali but it was a week night and in OC. If I was fifteen years younger I would have gone! I, for sure, missed out on a good rockin’ time. There is a cover here that I recognized but can’t seem to put my finger on. The mind is deteriorating. My memory might be going, but I have something that is material here and it will outlive me any day!

 –don (625)

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