Sep 09, 2009

The sort of hardcore to have any fucker with a 1/4 of a brain set to drooling like a rabid pup in a school yard. A lot of folks shit their designer britches over Japanese hardcore, and with the full on attack of these here J-Roll Rockheads it’s well warranted. And with the kiddie-kore doodoo drawing flies over here in the US, a band like the Jellyroll Rockheads is a welcome respite from all these bands who can do nothing but write song after song of “here’s what hardcore means to me” turdery. This seven inch salvo is essentially their demo from ‘99, and they give it to you straight and reject the establishment and other buffoonery lobbed at us daily. Comes on two different colors of vinyl. Damn if I remember which is rarest.

 –M.Avrg (Youth Attack)

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