JEFFERY NOVAK: Self-titled: EP

Jul 14, 2011

Can’t help but think of Syd Barret era Pink Floyd crossed with early Brian Eno. Add some glam flourishes, and you have a really good record. This seriously sounds like a lost gem from the early ‘70s, especially due to the guitar sound on “Remember All the Expectations” and “The World of Peter Brown.” The songs have an appealing dark side to them, be it the lyrical matter or the instrumentation, such as the keyboard and the sometimes spidery-sounding guitar. “Back at the Bottom” is the most upbeat of the four, while the rest have a little more of a maudlin, though sneering, attitude. Like this single quite a bit (limited to 500, so act fast). Definitely want to hear the solo albums.

 –M.Avrg (Trouble In Mind,