JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD: We Are the Champions: CD

Jul 14, 2011

Ever sit and just watch a sport that you know nothing about—curling, bocce ball, that dancing gymnastic thing with streamers and balls—and just zone out on it? No real frame of reference, but you can admire the dedication and obviously expert skill. There are both fields of competitors and enough fans for it to be televised. By this record’s name, I was expecting more Queen. More prance, Mensa, and opera. This had me thinking about a longhaired Weezer some moments, then some 2011 version of Led Zeppelin if it was two dudes the next. The songs change from channel to channel to channel, like they’re mimics ciphering a distant transmission. Harmless in a channel-flipping way, but not something I’ll paint my chest blue and cheer for when they’re playing.

 –todd (Infinity Cat, [email protected])

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