JEFF DAHL: Cursed, Poisoned, Condemned: CD

Another year, another jaw-dropping Jeff Dahl record! This man is so prolific that I can’t believe it. At last count, I had over twenty full-length releases by Dahl and I don’t even have everything. The thing I love is the way he can distill fifty years worth of rock’n’roll into such an amazing blend. There is a heaping helping of glam, punk, ‘60s garage, ‘50s rock’n’roll, and even blues to be had on this release and he pulls off all styles with class to spare. Some of my favorites over the years have been the ballads and bluesy songs. There is a great one here with “Wicked Trail of Sin.” A couple of his best ever straight-ahead rockers here as well, with “Cock O the Walk” and the great “SXSW Whore” being the standouts. This record is rock solid from start to finish, just like always. Getting better like a fine wine, motherfucker!

 –frame (Steel Cage)