JEFF: Castle Storm: CD

Sep 08, 2006

A lot of times a two people rock combo don’t gonna cut it—no question, Mark—but here’s a time where it’s cut it with righteous and fearsome serrations. In addition: charm and style. Wit, too? Probably, but they sent no lyrics sheet. Brothers J(ake) and J(amin) Orrall from a bunch of other bands (including Be Your Own PET who, no, I’ve never heard, but I bet they’re good with a name like that) play mostly guitar and drum at around eighteen and twenty years of ages and channel all that short-lived energy and lack of buzz-killing bass player (unless there is one) into a thoroughly nice heap of rock'n'roll tunes (with also moments of fantastically pleasant keyboard fingering for space-outting or breath-catching, as on the fourteen-minute “Track 13”). There’s moments of fraternity with other duos the White Stripes and the Immortal Lee County Killers I, but even more moments of confident crashy unclicheed (s)punk(y) rock with even fewer moments of playful Sonic Youthy squall, and drums almost all the time. On top of all that, the production is GREAT; everything can be heard and the guitar sounds like a gorilla with an electric punching machine. Except when it’s not supposed to.

 –doug (Infinity Cat)