JEAN CLAUDE JAM BAND: Discography: Cassette

Listening to this wonderful group of songs I have found myself at a loss as to why this has not been reviewed here sooner. The tape was released in September, 2011 and I have been letting it sink into my brain since sometime in March. Jean Claude Jam Band is a band from Massachusetts that seems to have been recording (or at least playing) off and on, in one form or another, since 2006. They have earlier split releases with the likes of Get Bent (Kiss Of Death) and Serious Geniuses (Clubhouse/Kiss Of Death) which are small but awesome samples of their work. Discography seems to be just that, a collection of their songs to this point, most of which (and I could be mistaken) are apparently recorded (or at least officially released) here for the first time. The album leaves me with an impression (bear with me now) of what might arise if someone broke Tom Petty’s heart and sent him to DIY pop punk boot camp ran by Creedence Clearwater Revival (whew). I love the country twang of the guitars and find it a perfect match to the nostalgic lyrics sang in a fitting, slightly raspy voice that somehow throws me back to summer loves (current or lost) and has me almost smelling the cotton candy beer breath of a county fair as I sing along. Nine tracks without a miss, probably one of the best four dollar investments one could make this year. The album is also available through digital download through Now if we could only get them to play us a show here on the West Coast! –Andrew Wagher

 –guest (Dead Broke, [email protected],