JD AND THE F.D.C.’S: Recognize: CD

Formulaic, punk-derived rock’n’roll that has a paint-by-numbers feel. The band looks like they’ve copped a look and a sound for the sake of cashing in on said look and sound. After all, the record was simultaneously released on iTunes, which makes me very cautious. In the end, the record is okay, but it feels like I’ve heard all these songs before. In one case, it’s literal: “The Secret” starts of with a line about sharp knees and holes in jeans that has been blatantly pilfered from Boris the Sprinkler’s “(Do You Wanna) Grilled Cheese.” It’s not just the words (which are same, in both syntax and spelling)—the actual intonation and rhythm of the delivery is exactly the same as the Boris song. (The rip-off ends there, I presume because this band believes the notion of Schrödinger’s cat not to be rock’n’roll enough and therefore of little worth.) And J.D. and the F.D.C.’s give no credit to my fellow Green Bay ne’er-do-wells for what they’ve “borrowed”! Just how am I to respect this record now? Formulaic and plagiaristic—it’s like when I read the same goddamn freshman comp paper over and over from different students… Of course, if Nørb somehow had a hand in the provenance of “The Secret” and I’m just ignorant, I detract the entire review except for the stuff about being formulaic. That stands.

 –Eric Carlson (Derelict)