J.C. SATAN: Sick of Love: CD

Mar 03, 2011

This is what I get for expecting some kind of Thrill Kill Kult knock off. But can you really blame me? The cover is hand drawn: a masked guy, two topless babes, one with the number of the beast carved into her torso, another with a baphomet necklace hanging between her tits… Instead of overtly campy, sexploitatious tracks, J.C. Satan churns out an orgy of garage, psychedelia, and rockabilly. Using male and female vocals, this French and Italian quintet conjures up hippy Beatles tunes, The 13 Floor Elevators, My Bloody Valentine, shoegaze, and The Velvet Underground’s easy chord progression and dreamy, narcotic vocals. My faves are “Prehistoric Love,” “Escape for Love,” and “Superhero.” Also included is the four-song Satàn EP. Like Gogol Bordello, Satan has managed to build bridges between genres where others have failed. If you dig the aforementioned bands, pick this up. Recommended.

 –Kristen K (Slovenly)