J.C. SATAN: Hell Death Samba: CD

Mar 23, 2012

A little psychedelic, a little bit of the Pixies, a little bit of garage... J.C. Satan combine a lot of influences to create something new. The results are mixed. There are a lot of okay songs, then there are some pretty good songs, such as “In the Light,” which sounds like nothing else on the record. It has this late night, underwater, psychedelic dream sound that pulls you in more and more as it goes—to the point where you don’t want it to end. Then they hit you with the cold water blast of “Crystal Snake,” which picks up the pace considerably with some stop-go noise blasts and distorted vocals. The vocals are at their best when they’re straighter forward, and even better when they trade back and forth, like on “Misunderstood.” I’m finding myself preferring the songs where Paula leads to be the best, like “Abandon” and “Close to Me.” This is a decent album, and one that requires you to spend some time with it, discovering its many facets.

 –M.Avrg (Slovenly, slovenly.com)

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