Sep 19, 2013

When you choose to submit for critique a self-made demo CD-R housed in a cardboard sleeve with some very poor, uninspired artwork, well, sir, your recorded output better be goddamn good. From what I can piece together, Jazz The Children only know two ways to record a demo: shitty and shittier. The first four songs are annoyingly bad with ultra-repetitive riffs of awful indie rock and just “okay” garage rock replete with some of the worst digital mastering, most likely attributed to the use of cheap CD-Rs. There was a small glimmer of hope in the fifth song, “I Don’t Know,” but it quickly dissolves on the final track, which sounds like it was recorded with a boom box strategically placed right next to the floor tom. This is the kind of band/project that makes me count my blessings that I’m not friends with anyone involved. It makes my job of telling you that your demo is terrible at best all that much easier.

 –Juan Espinosa (Lion Leg, lionlegrecords.bandcamp.com)