JAY REATARD: Night of Broken Glass: 12" EP

Jul 25, 2007

Good lord! Jay Reatard just keeps getting better and better. As a youngster Jay produced uninspired sludge with the Reatards (sorry garage dogmatists), mediocre material with the so-so Lost Sounds (but goddamn—what a live show with the latter!). So there really was no precedent for the seminal work Reatard put out on his first solo album Blood Visions last year—a shockingly sublime effort culling influence from early Roxy Music and the best elements of the Adverts. With that in mind, I was really happy to get Jay’s new EP in the mail: Night of Broken Glass EP. And it’s off the MOTHERFUCKIN’ HOOK, boys and girls. The Blood Visions’ sound is still present on this one (see above), but Reatard keeps moving more and more into pop music, with chord progressions reminiscent of Buddy Holly and (DARE I SAY) keyboard playing that makes me stoked on the Human League’s Dare! all over again. The four songs on here are over before you know it; so when the fuck’s the next full length comin’ out?!

 –ryan (In the Red Records)