JAY REATARD: In the Dark: 7"

Sep 25, 2007

I’m speeding on a freeway to his other work, while, here, it’s driving the speed limit on the right side of the street for a change. It’s really good and fun, just not up to the high bar set by the Blood Visions album. I imagine this is going to be the comment of the year for him, as that LP is on everyone’s “best of the year” lists. But, like his 7” that came out before that album, Hammer I Miss You, at first I feel like it’s a lesser extra throwaway, but as time goes on, I like the songs more and more. Lighter than Blood Visions, which is moody, fast, and powerful without being fuzzy. Here, you’ve got the mood in full force. But seeing as how his band Angry Angles is supposedly finished, I’m wondering if In the Dark is basically his parts of the song they might have played, here without harmony vocals, keyboards and harder drums. Still cool. Backside is folk versions of two songs off Blood Visions, if that wasn’t enough.

 –mike ((Squoodge, www.squoodge.de))