JAY REATARD: Blood Visions: CD

Feb 15, 2007

In a past review I said The Reatards are rock’n’roll, and here ya go again: contagious songs, fast guitars, voice blown since the first show and equipment duck taped together after last show. This album is just Jay, which might make you think its even more loner basement rock with buckets for drums. It is definitely rock but faaaar more clean. Even on the poppy punk end, although too speedy for the radio. Where some of the Reatards songs are great, angry outbursts that work together or on mix tapes, this album seems really tight, it is solid from start to finish and needs to stay together. Blood Visions is similar to his kinder, gentler “Hammer I Miss You” single but this full-length blows that away. The 7” had good sounds but this is more structured, or maybe practiced before recorded. Add the occasional keyboards and Jay is Gary Numan on meth and beer. You will drive fast and yell along “It’s so easy, when your friends are dead….” But so will your girlfriend.

 –mike (In the Red)