JAY BANERJEE: Three-Song Sampler: CDEP

Jan 12, 2010

Kinda an early ‘80s vibe (think: the Rubinoos, but much less produced). Note: to avoid you, the reader, having the experience I had while reading MRR when I was fifteen, here’s an explanatory sentence: the Rubinoos started in the early ‘80s, power pop, but heavy on the pop. Very worth checking out! As for Jay Banerjee, I wish the guitar sound was stronger, but I could see this guy’s next release being super, super good. The first two songs are the best, so, Mr. Banerjee, please stick with the catchier variety of sounds! Also worth noting: this guy appears to lack a label (this is self-released), so please take note, punk businessmen and women! Also, my extensive research has uncovered his blog, which features a hilarious entry about bad band names, a topic near and dear to my heart. Brief literary sample: “If your band starts with ‘The’ but is not followed by a plural or collective noun, you probably suck. I’m qualifying this because several exceptions spring immediately to mind—The Left Banke, The Action, The Jolt, The (Paul Collins) Beat, etc.—but you haven’t heard of any of them, so you suck.” If this were a cereal, it’d be Cheerios with sugar added by the consumer. Please, become Honey Nut Cheerios! You can do it!

 –maddy (Self-released, jaybanarjee.net)