JAWAZ, THE: Self-titled: CDEP

The Jawaz (formerly Jawas) have got to be one of the San Gabriel Valley’s most criminally overlooked bands, a veritable powerhouse straight outta La Puente who can easily fuck shit up with the best and do so with more finesse than the rest. Formed in 1995, they raised much ruckus throughout the SGV for the next three or four years, managing to release one track on the Backyard Shenanigans comp and recording an unreleased full length (the master tapes of which were summarily lost and all that’s left is a poor-sounding cassette copy of the session) before falling apart before the decade ended. Reformed and again assaulting the ears of the general populace, they’ve released this four-banger of brilliance that’s tight ‘n’ crazed, slammin’ yet sophisticated, and destined to become a hardcore classic. Here’s hoping they finally get a full-length out, accolades are heaped upon them, and Brian Jawa can then live the rock star life he’s always dreamed of, complete with uncontrollable addiction to cheese popcorn, an extensive badger porn collection, and his very own Yugo liftback with “LUV WAGN” on the license plate.

 –jimmy (The Jawaz, [email protected])