Jun 22, 2007

I’m kind of confused about this band. I guess there was a band called Mercury Legion who had recorded a bunch of tunes. For some reason or another they got some guy named Jason Sears as a new singer who wrote all new lyrics for them and here it is... Anyways, what matters is the music. I like this a lot. Really snotty hardcore punk rock that reminds me of early Guttermouth stuff. Sears is a good lyricist and the tunes benefit a lot from his writing. In fact, the only thing about this that I don’t dig is the blatant flag-waving patriotism. The cover art sports a cartoon of the band playing for a bunch of drunk and unruly soldiers in the desert somewhere and the song “American Pride” pretty much says it all. That said, I’m not going to let a difference in political opinion get in the way of me enjoying some of the other tunes on this. Good work. Another thing to note about this disc: there is an entire tribute to RKL on here. I’m not sure if it was released elsewhere, but here it is now. Lots of good bands, too. Hell of a bonus, in my opinion.

 –ty (Malt Soda)