JASON DOVE: We Should Be Together: CD

May 26, 2008

Jason Dove’s second full-length album, We Should Be Together, is a more complex kettle of fish than the previous, Pronto. The fourteen new tracks are simply executed pop melodies ranging from lo-fi moodiness like, “Old Men,” to prog. I expected catchy but predictable rhythms and rhyming lyrics, given the Daniel Johnston association. I still got the rhyming lyrics, but I was surprised by the change in direction the songs were taking, like the sharp turn into the festering guitar hook in “So You Know” that made me stop and listen. Lyrically, Dove can be hit or miss but, “I’m so wasted, girl, I don’t know which way to go/I wanna wake up in your bedroom without saying ‘hello’,” from “Stoned on Beer” is one of my favorites off the album. –Kristen K 

 –guest (Self-released, www.jasondove.com)